How to Make Reading a Book Fun for Your Child

For some people, reading books may seem to be a thing of the past. They prefer to just download an app and purchase an e-book if they want to read something. Or, they can simply go online and look up what they need to find out instead of reading an actual book.

However, as a parent, despite the technological advancements, you must still teach your child to embrace the old-school way of discovering and learning new things by browsing through a real book.

Here are excellent ways to make reading a book more fun for your child:

Choose a Good Book

It would be great if you have a collection of books so that your young one can easily choose something that he is interested in. Allowing your child to pick a book is actually a good start. If you read something that he picked, then you can rest assured that he will listen to you until the end.

You should never force your child to read something that he doesn’t like because this will only make him hate this activity even more. Let him loose until such time that he makes this as one of his hobbies.

little boy

Read Aloud

No matter how busy you are at work or with household chores, you must find time to sit with your little one and read him a book on a daily basis as much as possible. In fact, you need to do this even if your child is still a toddler. This way, he will grow up with interest in books.

To make your storytime more engaging, you must read aloud. Before you even flip the pages, you can start by letting your kid read the title and ask him what he has in mind. This is to get his attention right from the start.

When you do read aloud, make sure that you say the words clearly and do it with enthusiasm. You can also make use of expressions and different voices to bring the text to life.

young boy

Set a Reading Area

Having a dedicated space for reading where your kid can relax and be comfortable while reading his favorite book would also help a lot. Depending on his age, you can be as creative as you can when decorating the reading area. You can make it colorful and also add some kiddie furniture. Once you have that corner, then your child can simply go there whenever he wants to read.…