Evening routines and outings change from time to time. You might choose to catch a movie in the theater other than hanging out on the porch with friends. Enjoying an amazing movie as you cuddle up is a great way to spend an afternoon after a busy day. The problem comes here, which movie are you going to watch? Read to get tips on how to identify the latest movies playing near you.

How to find the latest movies playing around you

New release Fridays

Mostly new releases come out on Friday. There are a million ways to find out the latest movies in the market. If you are a lover of movies and always hang out with friends who are, you stand a better chance of getting news about the latest movies. This will be made possible through word of mouth. Hanging out with friends who love great films is the best way to stay in the mix and knowledge about great new releases playing around you.

Local newspapers

Almost all cities and towns have a local newspaper. Some have different types and serve different niches and roles. At times you will find local weekly newspapers that tell its residents everything that has been happening throughout the week including music, politics, local events, live music, plays and might involve reviews and critics of the latest showing movies. Make it a habit of picking up such newspapers and updating yourself with what has been happening in your locality.

Movie websites and blogs

If you are a lover of superhero movies or movies with star films or you like movies by a specific movie director, you can keep track of what they are up to in the future. Following or subscribing their blogs or websites will enable you to learn about the movies you love and where they will be showing. Often you will get previews and special showings from the sites.

Online movie review sites

Search online for sites that review the latest movie releases. You will get very many of them. Stop by their pages and see the ratings given to the so-called latest movie. The sites give you an option to put in your location or where you live, and they will give you a list of all theaters in your area and the movies they will be offering. They will give you an online ordering option as well.