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Tips on Increasing Your Podcast Listeners

There has been great growth in the podcast industry.One research shows that in 2019 the sector had attracted listeners adding to 90million Americans. The figure represents about 32% of all US residents aged 12 years and above. However, this indicates that the industry has fierce competition. And to prove how competitive it is,a reliable source puts the number of podcasts with over 30 million episodes at around 750,000 podcasts.

With the high competition, you may be wondering if you stand any chance of getting a space for your podcast like Small Town Dicks has managed, and grow the number of your listeners. But the reality is that you can carve a niche for yourself and command some respectable audience.

Here are some tips that can help you increase your podcast listeners:

Enhance the Quality of Your Podcast

high quality audio equipmentA quality podcast will make listeners long to listen to your content and recommend it to others. You have to ensure your podcast matches others, and it is the best it can be if you are looking to grow your audience. The first thing in improving the quality is by investing in top-notch studio equipment to record great quality audio. It would help if you also had high-quality recording and editing programs to enable polishing the audio to be the best.

You also need to check your themes or topics, titles of episodes, organization, segmentation, and talent and ability as a host. Other critical things include the upload schedule and the consistency in length and frequency of your episodes. Your preparation is also important. Generally, you need to look at which areas you need to improve on and polish them to grow your audience.

Prompt Your Listeners to Act

You have to make the audience listen to your show and go a step further, so they do not listen once and go, which won’t help you expand your listenership base. For sustainable growth in your audience, you need to get them to subscribe to your podcast, rate your show most preferably with 5-stars and give reviews. Any of the three actions helps boost your audience because subscribing will enable the listeners to see new episodes. The rating and review provide credibility to the show, hence attracting others.

Market Your Podcast

Besides producing high quality and incredible shows, you have to market them to have any reasonable listeners. You must tap into social media’s power where you can create hashtags to push your episodes, tag the guests to your shows, so the episode information is visible on their pages, and use audiograms. The latter is a social post comprising a video or an image, a captions, and a short audio clip form your podcast. You may also start a blog to post the episodes’ transcripts to make them discoverable on search engines, thus driving more traffic to your show.

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