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What You Should Know About Hiring a Wedding Magician

Hiring a wedding magician can be a bit daunting when there are several of them to choose from, and the price varies a lot. There are certain things you should consider when looking for a reputable wedding magician.

How to Hire a Wedding Magician


magic performanceUsually, reputable magicians will have worked with several high profile organizations. Thus, they will display logos of top companies on their websites. This shows some credibility. However, you should be interested to know the number of companies that rebooked his or her services. According to Indianapolis Magician for Special Events – Jon Finch, check whether the magician has worked with the listed companies more than once. Also, if a magician has worked with certain companies more than once he or she will emphasize it.


Before you hire a given magician, it is a good idea to look at the pictures. Check whether the guests are smiling. Top magicians understand that it is not the magic that works, but rather the impression it will have on your guests. Avoid websites that have pictures of only magicians. That is a sign that the magician you want to hire is self-obsessed. Good magicians should put photographs showing the effect of their performance on the audience.


A professional magician must have won several awards at certain times in their careers. You can find a magician who has won high profile awards and will publish them on his or her website. However, a high number of prizes does not automatically prove a significant level of excellence. As you know, magic competitions are entirely subjective. This is because magicians perform tricks that fool or entertain guests.


It is advisable to check the videos of a magician before hiring one. A great magician will cut the video and make the performance look as great as possible. The truth is that you can learn a lot from the video. For instance, how do guests look during the performance?

Talk on Phone

When hiring a magician, it is a good idea to talk with him or her on the phone first. Ensure you get along. Although email is convenient, a good chat can be all you need.

Reasons for Hiring a Wedding Magician

Add Variety

Usually, a wedding will have a DJ or a band, but rarely will it have light entertainment or a magician. This is quite disappointing, taking into account how a magician will lighten up your day.

Lasting Memories

hooded magicianYour guests will remember the wedding when you throw a magician into the mix. Nowadays, there are various types of magicians you can hire for your wedding. Ensure you get the right one who will make your guests remember your special day.

The truth is that close-up magicians are versatile entertainers. This is because they can fit into any situation or venue seamlessly. Ideally, you should see the magician as a mingling guest. The magic can be a great part of the proceedings without dominating or taking center stage. You will be surprised to find that the event becomes a fun, successful one.